Friday, May 4, 2012

the mrs. is happy it's friday

saw this. loved this. had to post this.
after a week like ours we are so ready for the weekend.
this week has been pure boxes, packing, taping, more packing, and more boxes
thanks to our wonderful family we got all moved last night
now it's time for a new adventure, new place to live, new place to semi-decorate (hey we're only there for 3 months)
our next move will be the big move
can't wait

but again
so happy it's friday
i need a night with just my mr. hanging out, unpacking (just a tiny bit) and falling more in love with each other
because lets be honest, thats what it feels like is happening lately
who knew that year 1.5-1.9 of marriage was so incredible
i'm so crazy in love with my mr
and i get to hang out with him today
(sorry that was a bit of a ramble but i couldn't help it)

happy friday

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