Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the mrs. and her books

"we read to know we are not alone"
-cs lewis

growing up i loved to read. i would spend hours in my room late at night finishing books. some how as i grew i read less. well let me restate....i read less for fun. lets be honest, in college i could barely keep up with my assigned reading for class let alone pick up a book for "me time".

lately i've tried to get back into reading. i've found myself in a phase of life that is all screen. at work it's my laptop, when i'm out and about it's my phone, at home it's our tv or our laptops. i don't like my constant need to be in front of a screen.

i read "the glass castle" last month for book club and loved it. the mr. even joined in the fun and picked up a new book. i downed the help in about a week and loved that as well (i know i'm behind the times). then on sunday i wanted a new book.

so i picked up the "princess academy". my mom gave this to me years ago but i never got around to reading it. sunday was a perfect reading day. just enough time in between sessions and then later in the afternoon. well turns out i finished the book on sunday. i think i was a little "reading" deprived.

i loved the princess academy. the story kept me wanting more. it was a simple enough that i didn't have to think too hard. probably the perfect sunday book.

so my point. i want to read more. i long for a good story that keeps me wanting more. i find myself falling into the story. characters become my friends and at times i even feel like i'm talking to them.

reading is such a beautiful gift. what a great release from my life in front of a screen. one day my dream is to have a beautiful library (like the one in beauty and the beast) where i can escape to and spend my day just reading.

oh one day come soon!

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