Thursday, April 5, 2012

the mrs. at work

each day i am constantly reminded how much i love my job. job searching was a pain. i applied to so many jobs, got a lot of interviews and even a few offers. yet, none of these felt right. through a friend i found out about leavitt partners. from the min i walked in it just felt right. this was where i was supposed to work.

i started in one position and have expanded to include a couple of other positions. how grateful i am for a company that has let me expand and grow and do what i want.

now my work is stressful. some days worse than others. my poor husband has to hear about my stressful days every night when i get home. he puts up with a lot. but even with all the stress i am so grateful to be doing what i love. to work at a great company with incredible individuals. i learn from each of them everyday. how fun to work in a place that has "international food lunches" and goes to bee's games and movies together. i laugh every day at work. i love to laugh.

so as i sit at my desk about to get started on yet another busy day i am happy. so grateful that for the past year that i've been pursuing my "career" i've been able to do what i love. and even more grateful for my heavenly father for helping me find this job.

now back to work....

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