Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the mr. and mrs. are back in black

once upon a time the mr. and mrs. b went on an awesome trip
they saw boston
and they saw new york
and loved every minute of it
(it's true...the mrs. has about 500 pictures to prove it)

but then the mrs. had to leave the mr. to go to dc
but this time for business (not for fun)
good thing best friend is in dc so the trip was fun
and lets be honest the whole business part of it is fun too (still loving event planning, i keep learning new things)

i'm finally on my way home
can't wait to sleep in my own bed
it's been way too long (12 whole days)
and eat home cooked meals
and do daily stuff

i'll have a full update on our trip soon (plus chicago part 2...yes i'm so blogger behind)
utah...here i come....in 2.5 hours (holla)

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  1. Oh boy, they are really going to be missing you at LP when you have to leave. You have been such an asset to them. But I'm excited for the adventures coming up for you two!


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