Thursday, June 7, 2012

some ramblings

i'm sitting here at work and decided i need a vacation...from the vacation i just had. yeah i think it's summer. i'm ready to go swimming, sleep in, watch tv, and hang out outside. oh the simply joys of summer i used to enjoy as a kid...please can working full time take a summer  break?

we've started officially apartment hunting in chicago. this time is going a lot better than last time. i found a couple of places i am excited about. but lets be is so hard trying to find and rent a place without seeing it in person. i'm freaking out a bit

last night my mr. took me make-up shopping. i hate to admit it but it's been over two years since i've spent good money on good make-up. these past few weeks i've been getting by with super old and almost gone. i decided to join the club and try "bareminerals" so far...success! except when the mr. was telling me i wasn't putting it on right (i guess i wasn't the only one who learned a few tricks from the make-up lady last night). thanks mr. for watching out for me.

tonight we're taking family pictures. i'm excited about my outfit. last time we took family pictures i thought i was wearing a cute outfit...turns out it made me look 15 pounds heavier. i'm not making that mistake again.

summer is officially here and i couldn't be more excited. i have big plans this summer. i've got two months left in the cute little state i grew up in and i want to take full advantage of these two months. any utahnns out there have summer ideas that we just shouldn't miss. it is our last utah summer so we need all the suggestions we can get.

speaking of only two months left...ahh we have so much work to do. our lives are still in boxes. i have to clean, organize, and declutter our lives. at first i was freaking out about having to move into a super small space. but now i'm excited about the idea. i'm ready to clear out of all the unneeded things. really focus on whats important  to us. we want our new "small" space to be clean, open, airy, and cozy. now...i've got to figure out how to make it clean, airy, open, and cozy with a small med school budget (bring it on creative side).

blogging...i used to be so great at blogging. i guess this is what working full time does to you. i'll get better, i promise!

and one more very unrelated note....i've been so ready to redo our "home". below are a just a few things i've been loving lately. so excited to have a new place to make all homey!

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