Monday, June 11, 2012

the mr. and mrs. weekend recap

happy monday blogging world!!!

this weekend was simply perfect. it was one of those types of weekends when everything just felt right.
friday was slightly a bust, due to the fact that i was feeling sickly. but good news...i went to bed early and was feeling back to my normal self on saturday.

saturday started with family brunch to celebrate my favorite father-in-law's birthday. i love being with the b. family and am going to miss them dearly when we move. we went home, took a well needed nap and then were ready to get out of the house. this is how our evening went...

-headed to trolley square to go furniture shopping. we had a blast picking out our favorite pieces and fabrics and "designing" our future home.
-decided to get some dinner. both agreed on a cheap place (so awesome when that happens) and enjoyed sharing our dinner with each other
-headed to city creek to make some returns. who doesn't love money back in the bank?
-decided to take a tour of temple square before we went home. spent time talking about our wedding day and wandered into a free bassoon concert.
-sat hand in hand listening to beautiful music. taking turns smiling and winking at each other
-finally made it to our car and realized that spence's cute brother was giving tours of the conference center.
-rushed over to the conference center in hopes that j-dawg was still there.
-1 hour later we were on the roof of the conference center. getting the best tour ever. talking about the gospel and watching the sunset over the city. perfect...yes
-we finally made it home and finished the night cuddled up watching our favorite show on tv.

i loved our saturday. most of which was spent talking about our future life in chicago, planning and getting excited about what is in store for us. our practically free date (except for cheap dinner) was so perfect i couldn't help but smile. though i'm scared out of my mind to move to chicago i am so blessed that i get to take my best friend with me (or is he taking me). on the sad days i am grateful to know i can spend the day with my mr. and all will be right.


  1. You two are so cute. so so cute! I miss Utah! Chicago will be such a fun city!

  2. moving to chicago, exciting! what's out there? new job? love the cute description of your date, sounds perfect! :)


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