Tuesday, June 12, 2012

something new

Wives MD

i've got something new and exciting to share....

wives m.d. is a blog that my dear friend michelle and i just started. 
this past year the mr. and i have done tons of research and planning and prepping for medical school.
applications, mcat, prep classes, letters of intent, financial aid etc.
at  times i spent hours online searching for something or someone who could help us
i came to learn a ton about the whole process along the way
and decided i wanted to help others out

so i contacted michelle and together we dreamed up a great blog
in the end if it turns out to just be michelle and i reading the blog i'd be happy
what a fun way to stay connected to dear friends right as we are preparing to move away

don't worry...
i'll still be here. blogging about our day to day lives
work, play, school, shopping...all the good things!
but i'll also be here
blogging about medical school, life as a wife to a professional student, and advice for others along this path

so check us out. ask questions and enjoy the crazy life of two medical school student's wives

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