Friday, June 15, 2012

the mrs. rambles

this week's ramblings...

-sometimes the only thing you can do is cry. and i feel like i've done that a lot lately. nothing too dramatic  but moving out of state and still not having a place to live is a bit stressful. we move in t-minus 7 weeks (a little less then 2 months). i had my first realization this week of what it will be like living away from my family. and for one night i was heartbroken and a bit sad. but...after a good cry i was feeling a lot better.
we still don't have a place to live but we keep searching and hopefully the perfect place will just fall in our laps (or on our screen as we're doing this all online).

-when i was in jerusalem 3 summers ago (hate that it's been so long) i had the worst "homesickness" for my cabin. sure i missed home but for some reason jackson hole, wy just tugged at my heart strings. maybe it's because going to the cabin is a summer thing. whatever it was jackson hole has a huge place in my heart. well here is the deal...i'm feeling that same feeling again. spence and i are going to miss our annual jackson hole trip (we're moving that week...lame) and i can't get over my "homesickness" for my cabin. maybe we can convince our bosses to give us some more time off :-)

-in two weeks from today the mr. and i will be packing our bags for a glourious week aboard the royal caribbean oasis. the is taking the whole lot of us (11 in total) on a cruise. i couldn't be more excited. it's about time i get working on my tan. i know we just took a little vaca but i think it's time for one more. feel free to come along. we're going to be enjoying endless amounts of food, musicals, flow-rider, mini-golf, beautiful beaches, snorkeling, and a whole lot more. plus a whole week hanging out with the family....what a way to say goodbye.

-southwest was having a sale on flights. $200 round trip chicago to slc. the sale ended yesterday. we forgot to get tickets. yeah...sad day.

-i fell in love with jcrew baubles when they started making their debut months ago. i didn't fall in love with the price tag. i may be a workin' girl but am about to me a med school wife. anyway i heard through the grapevine you can snatch a great deal on ebay. $15 later i had made my first ebay purchase. i couldn't be happier. here is me enjoying the simple pleasures of a new necklace.

so we're about to start the weekend. this week has been rough when it comes to med school prep but i couldn't be more grateful to my mr. he is constantly supporting me and lifting me up. he has his daily reminders that "everything will work out" and "we'll find the most perfect little home for us". how grateful i am for him. and for weekends!!!

i think we'll go swimming, or for a hike, or a picnic....or all 3!!! because it's summer and we can!!!

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