Monday, August 13, 2012

the el

so this is the mr. and mrs.
at our "el" stop.

thats right, we are el users and dang proud of it
when deciding to move to chicago we (i) was not going to part with our car
but we (mr.) decided we needed to be more budget friendly
and we (i) can't parallel park
so we (both of us this time) decided to leave the car at home and try it old school

so we are now carless
and i've only been sad like 2 times

we're making chicago our home one day at a time

thank you dear friends for taking us to church
i think i would have had a breakdown if we had to take public transit
thank you dear husband for paying for a car for a few hours so i could go to costco
baby steps!


  1. That would be hard to be carless after being dependent on one for so long. I'm sure the benefits of minimalising and saving money will be a great experience. It's probably really doable in a big city. Good luck!

  2. It's so weird to follow what you're up to, because another cute young couple that I'm friends with just moved to Chicago as well. Their names of Justin and Nikki Lake, and they are awesome!! I hope you love it there. I sure adore that city!


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