Tuesday, August 14, 2012

date night // sprinkles chicago

saturday date night was just what the dr. ordered

we spent all day running around getting our place all set up that by night time a little fun was in order
so i decided to show my mr. my new favorite area of down town. i happened upon this fun street when i got lost a few days ago. we ventured out and made a quick stop for shoes. i've been meaning to get spence a new pair of shoes for so long and he finally found a pair that he liked. even better is that i liked them as well.

we were going to go to a movie but instead had too much fun just window shopping and being together. these are my favorite kind of nights. then...to my joy we stumbled upon a sprinkles cupcake shop. i have always wanted to visit a sprinkles. little did i know there would be one right in my own city.

of course we had to wait in line. but again it was fun just being with my mr. in our new city. the line went pretty quick and we finally were able to go inside. man there were so many good options. i hated choosing just one. but it was decided that we could go back (as much as i want!).

we got two cupcakes to share, two classic cokes, and shared one stool like two highschool sweethearts. living in a new big city is exciting but it's even more fun with your best friend. i have somehow found the most expensive neighborhoods in the city.  whoops!

we spent the rest of the night watching missed episodes of our favorite shows.

side note...we had to switch to comcast. i was pretty upset at first (and still might be) but do like the on-demand feature...maybe too much.

anyway, how was your weekend? anybody been to chicago before and want to recommend some places for us to visit? we are still very much playing tourist!
the changing of the shoes // so excited to finally go in sprinkles for the first time
evolution of the cupcake // funny face // he totally took a bite of my cupcake 


  1. Don't forget to follow sprinkles and sprinkles chicago on twitter so you can get free cupcakes. I never once paid for one in DC. Best thing ever.


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