Wednesday, August 15, 2012

playing catch up

once upon a time the mr. and i had a great fun filled summer. but....during this great summer we were swamped with med school, moving, and all the fun that comes with that. so of course i am behind on my blog.

i have decided to do an extended post series on our trip to boston and new york. why? because first i have about 600 pictures (no i will not post them all) and second it makes me so happy thinking about our wonderful trip with both our parents. yep, we went with both of our parents. it was amazing. a treat really!

so to start....

these are from our first day in boston. my parents hadn't arrived yet. we took a tour of the us constitution. these are from the gift shop. the line was super long and i hate lines so the mr. kept me entertained. isn't he a doll like that!

more pictures coming soon. i'm excited to share our trip with you little pieces at a time.

now we are off to navy pier. they have fireworks every wednesday and saturday the rest of the summer. could chicago be anymore perfect? i am in love with fireworks (almost as much in love as i am with my mr.).

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