Thursday, August 16, 2012

throwback thursdays // efy

once upon a time i was an efy counselor. actually it was 4 years ago. wow how time flys. i went to efy 4 summers in a row as a youth. i fell in love with the program. i always dreamed of being a counselor.

freshman year of college i applied. waited and prayed. i completely expected to not get hired. i was young and there were so many others who wanted it. but to my surprise i got the job. at the time it was just what i needed. to be honest i wasn't in the best place in life. i wasn't happy with school or provo. honestly i was ready to move home and go to the u. i don't know why but i felt that byu just wasn't for me.

well after a summer back down in provo (to my dismay). i fell in love with the city, my school, and made some amazing friends. i was able to teach the gospel to some incredible kids. i basically had a summer of play and was paid for it. by the end of that summer i was excited to go back to byu. i was ready and had a plan.

some memories from efy those 4 summers ago....
-my princess backpack. everyone was always stealing it (so jealous)
-making eric d. stockes stickers and handing them out to everyone
-getting byu brownie smashed in my face. actually pretty pleasant!
-all the counselor parties and events
-my vegas girls who taught me about style
-those nights when i would tuck my girls into bed and for the first time i knew what it was like being a big sister
-all the open mouth smiles (you can tell how happy i was)

i am so glad i did efy. i like to think that if i didn't do efy i wouldn't have stayed at byu, i wouldn't have gone to jerusalem, i wouldn't have changed my major and i wouldn't have met my mr. basically efy is the cause of all awesomeness in my life (haha!). the mr. likes to tease me about being "one of those" types of people (you know the efy counselor kinds) but secretly i think he likes my pep!

whats your throwback thursday memory?

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  1. jr. miss. i rarely ever tell people i was involved and when i do they don't believe me. but i made a great friend.


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