Friday, August 17, 2012

the mr. is 26 today // happy birthday!

today is husband's birthday. i can't believe my mr. is 26 today! this is now our 3rd year celebrating his birthday together. too bad 4 years ago we had just met (still feel bad i didn't know it was his birthday). even though we are in a new city and living a new life we are celebrating just the same. he got to open a surprise present last night. then he had a special birthday breakfast today with his favorite star wars characters telling him happy birthday. i even got awesome sparkler candles on his toast...yep i'm that kind of wife.

too bad the mr. has class all day and a dinner tonight. but don't worry...we'll still celebrate. our time may be limited but i have plans all weekend! so excited to celebrate the wonderful man i call my husband. so spence...happy birthday hun. so glad you were born!!!!

everyone reading this....send my husband a birthday wish! even though he is has class today (and tomorrow) i want him to feel loved on his birthday.

happy birthday babe!!!!

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