Thursday, August 23, 2012

throwback thursday // happy birthday best friend

me and meh, 2007 dressed up for a dance (we were night lights) // me and meh at my wedding

have you had a friend that has been a friend for basically forever? well i have and that friend is mj. or as i like to call her....meh.

i met meh in 7th grade. we were little jr. high buddies from the beginning. through the years she became one of my best friends. we separated when she decided to ditch me and go to utah state but we still stayed close. i would even say closer! there were a couple of nights where we shared my twin bed in my dorm room. i like to think she came to visit me but i know it was more for parks (good thing i like parks and they are married now). meh has been though it all with me. and today is her birthday. so a few things about my best friend....

-she is hilarious. one of the funniest people i know
-she never judges. is always understanding no matter what
-she is the most lovable person i know
-her fashion style is day i'll dress like meh!
-she is a kid at heart
-she is the best listener and really understands people
-she is beautiful inside and out

so best friend. happiest of birthdays! i'm so sad i'm not there taking you a little mermaid birthday cake but know i'm thinking of you from the windy city. make sure parks takes you someplace awesome to celebrate tonight.

happy birthday best friend!!!!

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