Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the mr. and mrs. dress for fall

 (loving the netfliks melissa and joey in the background) 
(please excuse the lack of make-up....it was just one of those days)

so saturday we spent a good part of the day clearing out all our summer stuff from the closet. we even went to our storage room to bring up the coats. big day! realizing that it's finally full on fall here. (luckily today i didn't need a jacket).

we decided to dress up in our fall clothes for our date night. i didn't get a good picture of my mr but can you see his "fall" outfit....pants. yep my friends. that is as good at it gets for my mr. in the fall he has to wear pants. i on the other hand am layered up and am still cold. if i let him, i think spence would wear his shorts until it snowed.

i did let him keep some shorts out in hopes that it warms up a bit. but there you go. my poor husband thinks long pants are fall and winter clothes. still loving the short sleeves. i hope he doesn't freeze come november!

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