Monday, September 24, 2012

the weekend

this weekend was nice.

we had big plans this weekend. but they changed. and thats okay.

the mr. took his first test on friday. i had made big plans to celebrate. but we had a little hiccup. and instead we stayed home. cuddled up on the couch. the mr. holding me because i was sad.

how did we go from me celebrating the mr. to him supporting me. all i can say friends is that i am so grateful for a kind loving husband and eternal marriage.

so saturday we tried again. this time with a little more success. we spent the morning cleaning (not part of the celebration but badly needed). and then ended the night with a big city date night. i didn't take any pictures though. maybe because i was just loving the mr. and mrs. time.

we finally saw the new batman movie. boy did i love it. more than i expected to. we ate soup. walked around navy pier. got lost. tried on really expensive (but urber warm) coats. and basically just fell more in love with each other. i'm finding we're doing that more and more lately.

sunday was spent with the kiddies at church, new friends, wonderful food and my space heater.

yep, chicago has officially decided to welcome in fall. i didn't expect the cold to come so early. and maybe have refused to turn on the heat this early. how is it that my only picture this weekend was of my toes and my space heater who i named kyle (back during freshman year people....i'm grown up now and don't name objects....maybe)

they say it will warm up a bit....let's hope "they" are right.

how was your weekend? hopefully a bit more exciting for you!


  1. This sounds like a fun weekend :) I bet You really do grow so much closer and stronger when you are living far away in a new city! I am kind of nervous for when Covey and I move out of state in a few years... when the day comes you will have to give me tips on how to survive in a big city!

    1. Okay so I know you are looking into more exciting places but you should consider Chicago! I would love to have you guys out here!!! How is the interview process going?

  2. Sorry that you had a sad night! I miss you guys being close and being able to just chat more often.

  3. Remember how we barely know each other? I'm Liz's friend. We met at her shower. I always read your cute blog! You guys are adorable!


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