Monday, September 17, 2012

the mrs. is home!

i love date nights. i finally got back to chicago on friday night and a date night with my mr was just what i needed. i missed him so much last week (though i loved being home with family for a little bit). the mr. got a nice little date night all set for this now chicago girl. the night called for chicago deep dish.

of course we had to eat outside enjoying the perfect weather and new twinkly lights that the mr. put up for me. there is just something about twinkly lights and fresh air that does this girl good.

so i know this picture is anything but pretty. i just couldn't resist showing off our new lights. so in love! i am now realizing out little patio needs a lot of work. i'm thinking potted plants, a little bench, bbq and just some diy love. maybe that will be my project this fall :-)

it's been so nice to be home. back to normal life. i missed my little chicago life while i was in utah. i never thought i would say that!

now it's back to work! busy busy like always but i guess that's a good thing! till tomorrow friends!

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  1. The pizza looks so yummy! Gotta love Chicago deep dish. Welcome back to the Windy City - it's good to have you back.


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