Friday, September 28, 2012

thoughts about being mr. and mrs.

so i saw this on another blog and i loved the idea. share some thoughts about marriage. sometimes i get too wrapped up in the next stage of our lives that i forget how awesome it is to be newlyweds. and yes....i am still considering us newlyweds (because i can!).

last night the mr. got home a little later than normal. or is it our new normal? i had dinner all ready for him. i made a new meal. i think i am finally falling in love with cooking and hopefully baking soon. i have a dear friend out here who is a great baker. i need to convince her to teach me her ways.

anyway...after dinner we relaxed a bit. watched some tv. i decided to "work out" during the commercial breaks.

side note: commercial breaks are a foreign thing for us. we are not used to live tv without dvr. last night i was watching something and spence got mad at me for not pausing it. i yelled back and informed him we are poor now and can't pause tv. haha one day we'll get used to it.

so my work outs are simple but the mr. joined he. he started playing copy cat with my dance stretches. first lesson learned. the mr. doing dance stretches is hilarious. second. he wants to be just like me :-)

at the end of the night we both crawled into bed. i was starving. the mr. decided to solve my problem. so instead of going to bed like we were planning on (or should have done) we both got bowls of cereal and ice cream and ate in bed while watching the voice on hulu.

sometimes staying up late chatting, picking favorite singers, and just being together is so much more fun than sleeping. one day we'll realize we need sleep (maybe when kids come). but for now can i just say how awesome it is to cuddle in bed with your best friend eating coco crispies and laughing at cee lo.

those are my thoughts today about being mr. and mrs.

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  1. That is a big adjustment to have to watch commercials and not be able to pause. I think simplifying and remembering what life was like before all of the convenience makes you appreciate the little things more, like all of the things you described.


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