Monday, October 1, 2012

the weekend update

this weekend was perfect. it's great to finally feel like chicago is home. we relaxed, ran errands, played with friends, visited new baby lincoln and just enjoyed being together. i did manage to take a couple of pictures.

lately the mr. has been more and more nay on the picture taking. i don' like this new side of him. i think he is embarrassed to look like a tourist in his own city. get awesome pictures of me (not). but it's the best i could do.

friday we spent all day excited to meet new baby lincoln. our good friends dan and nicole texted us friday morning that they were at the hospital. finally later that day we got to go visit the new little family of 3. how special it was to be there with dan and nicole. of course baby lincoln was perfect. i'm kicking myself that i didn't get any pictures.

after we got home we rushed over to some friends to watch the byu game. we're grateful for our friends with real tv to share in the football goodness. i would have one sad mr. on my hands if we didn't have good friends to invite us to watch the games! (thanks alex and nate).
hey its us outside wrigley stadium. we were waiting for the bus and decided to snap a few pictures in front of the stadium.  even though we live just a couple of blocks away we still haven't gone to a game. slackers i know. we'll catch one in the spring for sure. 

saturday we ran a few errands and decided to head downtown to visit baby lincoln once again. (seriously i can't get enough of his little face). we did some window shopping and enjoyed the mobs of people. the ryder cup was this weekend and brought likes of fun to the city. 

of course i fell in love with these huge golf balls around the city. you can't see the whole thing but it says "chicago says hello".
we have been waiting for what seems like forever (or maybe just the two months we've lived here) for the niketown store to open up. spence was super excited to check it out.
so this picture....
me: "hey babe let's get a picture of you in niketown"
mr.: "okay sure"
me: "where do you want to take it"
mr: "i don't care"
me: "okay smile"
mr.: "syd there are people all around"

so this is our awkward picture while people were staring at us. the things this mrs. makes her mr. put up with.
me again....with another golf ball. love this one!
after walking around for a couple of hours we needed a break. we stumbled upon m burger. we didn't try the food (which looked awesome) but did get a dipped cone and shake (yep we got both).
we finished the weekend with some studying for the mr. the relief society general broadcast for the mrs. and two dessert nights with friends on sunday.

it's safe to say we are loving our new home and city living.  and always safe to say we love the weekends!

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  1. I have always been jealous of your posts with pictures of the two of you. My husband refuses to take pictures, especially if it involves posing in front of something. Sounds like your Mr. is heading in that direction.


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