Tuesday, October 2, 2012

playing catch up: nyc day 1

because my blog is basically our family journal i wanted to continue to post about our trip back east in may. (wow am i behind or what). after boston we all headed up to nyc. i am seriously so in love with new york. i have dreams of living there one day. my hope was to convince the mr. that he has the same dreams. sadly that didn't happen. he liked the city but didn't fall in love...oh well! we always have next time :-)
after dinner one of our first nights we found the shake shack. the line was a couple of hours long so we decided to wait...
so we ended up at serendipity. which so happened to be 1 block from where we were staying. so perfect. we ended up getting food and dessert and stayed their till about 1am. the funny thing is that we got tired before our parents. man they are such party animals. who knew?
our first morning spence and i did some central park exploring. it was hot hot hot but we still had fun. i think i changed about 5 times each day. tmi maybe?

just hanging out at rockefeller center.
of course we had to go to the intrepid. my mr. loves airplanes and big boats. this was his dream come true. i thought it was pretty cool seeing all the history.

i am a huge musical geek.  seriously though i would have seen two a day and still not be satisfied. we got tickets to memphis. i didn't know much about the show but best friend meh recommended it.

okay so seriously.....one of the best musicals i have ever seen. the music was incredible. the story line even better. the performers were fantastic. too bad it was the first musical we saw because nothing else could compare. after the show the great jazz band stayed and played music for a bit. thanks dad barfuss for breaking the rules and getting a sweet picture of us with the stage (also thanks papa heaton for the incredible seats).
my cute parents. oh boy do i love them!
spencers parentals. boy do i love them as well!
and us!

our first day was a whirlwind but so much fun. there is seriously so much to see and do in nyc. we only had 4 days! ahh.

day 2 in nyc coming up!


  1. I really wish we would have seen a musical when we were in NYC this summer. I really want to live there one day too, but I'm afraid Robert won't be convinced either. I guess we'll just have to settle for lots of visits. You and Spencer are so cute!

  2. Ah, new york looks so fun! I loved living there I hope you had blast!


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