Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the mrs. loves visitors

i slept in
played with little people princess'
ate banana's with a little munchkin
lost and found a binky (in our little apt)
ventured downtown with my fam
did a little bit of shopping
enjoyed the american girl store with my mom
ate lunch with my favorites
did some more shopping
cuddled with my favorite 11 month old
worked (just a tad bit)
and enjoyed every second with my mom and sister
i love visitors
so much!


  1. Oh my gosh your neice is adorable! I think you should keep her.

  2. This sounds so fun! Aren't niece's and nephew's the best??

    I am a new follower through the hop! Excited to follow you! Would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)

  3. Hi! I'm your newest follower through the GFC Blog Hop, and I'm so excited about it because your blog is so cute! I love this post--sounds like such a great day! Aren't kids the cutest? I seriously can't wait to read more from you!

    I'd love a follow back--we can be blogging buddies! :)

    You can find my blog at:
    What's in a Name?

  4. Love you. So glad we came out we had so much funnnnn


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