Tuesday, October 30, 2012

bring on niece number 3 // happy birthday lyla

today we feel homesick
we missed our first big family event since moving to chi town
how badly we wanted to jump in the car and drive to utah (wait...with what car???)

the mr.'s brother and his sweet wife had their first precious baby girl this morning. we didn't sleep so great last night because we were both so excited. waking up this morning to hear that baby lyla b. came to this world as perfectly as could be made us both smile (and we're still smiling).

i so wish we could be there with todd and allison. so wish we could enjoy baby lyla's first moments on this earth. and so so so wish i could hold sweet baby girl. but, as life goes, we'll enjoy from afar.

congrats todd and allison. you two are going to be incredible parents. we are beyond excited for you. (maybe a bit mad that lyla came so early, i really wanted to share birthdays with my niece. but i guess i can forgive her!)

can't wait till christmas when we can finally meet our new niece!

enjoy today! give that beautiful girl lots of hugs and kisses from us.

happy birthday baby lyla! your uncle and aunt sure love you!


  1. so exciting!!! Congrats to your brother and sister in law!! New babies are the best! And being far away from niece and nephews is the worst! I am counting down the days til I get to see all of them at christmas!!


  2. Congrats to your brother & sister in law. Seriously though...I'm obsessed with newborns. Like..it's bad! haha.


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