Monday, October 29, 2012


oh grateful and blessed we are for all of your sweet comments on my last blog post. we thought long and hard about posting that (i actually wrote it weeks ago) but are so humbled by the response. all the love and prayers have been felt. it really means so much to us! words cannot describe the feeling of love we have for all of you!

though this journey will be rough sometimes, all of the support and love makes it so much easier! thank you so much!

we decided to do a little exploring this weekend. i had heard a bit about chicagoween at the frankenplaza (aka daley plaza). i was so excited to do something festive. we worked hard during the morning to get things done (homework for the mr. cleaning for the mrs.) and then bundled up to head downtown.

it was our first time at daley plaza. we're not in the loop much (we need to change that) so we were excited to explore a bit.

i'll be honest....i had big hopes for chicagoween. and let's be honest again....they were crushed. frankenplaza turned out to be a few halloween tents, some little kids, radio disney and some bitter cold wind. not much more than that.

they did turn the fountain orange...pretty cool i thought! we explored a bit and then decided it was just too cold. we hurried to the el and headed home.

even though chicagoween turned out to be a bust i sure loved just hanging out with my mr. it's fun exploring new areas of the city. maybe next adventure will be a bit more exciting!

happy monday!

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