Friday, October 19, 2012

friday love notes

dear new couch, thanks for being so comfy. we loved cuddling and falling asleep on you last night. dear med school test #2, i don't appreciate you stealing my husband away for yet another weekend. i had big plans before you came along. dear nicole, thanks for inviting me to girls night tonight to save me for another lonely night. dear fall weather, i think it is finally time for me to pull out the cold weather clothes. i am looking forward to a tad larger closet! dear new fall shows, thanks for providing entertainment. dear iPhone 5, looks like you and i will be meeting up here soon. never thought i'd see the day. dear yoga, can't wait to get started again next week. i think a trip to lululemon is in order. dear weekend, even though i'm husbandless i am going to enjoy you. and especially enjoy the girls night and girls shopping trips!

some pins for the weekend. lovin' these
1. // 2. // 3.

what are you pinning?
happy weekend friends!!!!

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  1. Wow yum! I want that chocolate brownie ice cream sandwich NOW! haha!


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