Thursday, October 18, 2012

some random facts about the mrs.

some random facts about me.

1. i am a nail bitter. especially when i get stressed.
2. i sit in the shower. i've been doing it for as long as i can remember.
3. i hate watching scary movies but love to hear the plot and story later. i guess stories aren't as scary as movies.
4. i am allergic to some raw fruits and veggies. apples and peaches are the worst. i haven't eaten an apple in years.
5. i have secretly wanted to be a star on the disney channel.
6. one of my pet peeves is when people won't use blinkers when they change lanes. seriously people....why do you think they make blinkers?
7. i think the perfect date night involves twinkle lights, old movies, blankets and tons of popcorn.
8. speaking of popcorn....i can eat bags of that stuff. day old popcorn is even better!

(just a random picture of us. because lets be honest posts without pictures just aren't as fun)

what are your random facts? i love to learn more about people. i'm ready to make some new blogging friends!


  1. My favorite color is orange.
    My favorite season is fall.
    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
    My favorite job is being Mommy.
    My favorite hobby is being Grandma.
    My favorite person in Chicago is Sydee!

  2. Loved these! I am totally the SAME way about scary movies. So funny, sometimes I'm really curious and I'll wikipedia the plot summary of a popular scary movie, but I would never in a million years watch it. Ha, I'm such a wimp :)

    ok, so puppies!

    I purposely looked for an older puppy when we got Molly because we had a younger one (he was 4 months) for like a week earlier this summer and he was really hard. We took him back to his old owners because he was a little too aggressive towards other dogs and kids, but having him made me realize I didn't want to start potty training from scratch - It's totally do-able, but it was a ton of work. Molly was 10 months and already potty trained, so she was a piece of cake to train! It just took her a few days to get used to our house and then she was good to go.
    She was also crate trained - which has been a life saver. If you get a younger puppy I would totally research how to crate train them. It's made it so nice for nighttime and when I have to work at the studio.
    As far as breed... I totally wanted a big dog for running/hiking and stuff, but I finally decided that a small dog would be the best for us. I didn't want to deal with shedding, excessive chewing, etc. My mom has a yorkie who has always been so well behaved, so we decided to go for that. Molly was a mix (chihuahua/yorkie) so she was really cheap!

    Everyone totally has their perfect match doggie, but if you like yorkies - they are good little dogs :)

    I am excited for you guys to get a puppy! You will have so much fun. They totally add a new element and bond to life! Definitely post updates on your bloggy on how your puppy search is going!!

  3. I love this--totally doing it! :) You are so cute and I loved reading your random facts.


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