Friday, November 16, 2012

foursided on clark

one of my most favorite things are cute little shops.
in utah i had my favorite little places. i would go explore cute boutiques and just wander around for hours. since moving i haven't really found anything like this. maybe its because i work from home and don't get out much. either way this has been lacking!

mom and grams wanted to do a little exploring. so we went in search of a cute neighborhood to walk around. a while ago spence and i went on a little drive (when we had a car...holla) and drove down clark. i noticed a few shops that looked cute. as mom, grams and i were driving down we past a store and mom shouted "christmas stuff". so we quickly pulled over.

so glad we did! let me introduce you to our first stop....foursided. i feel in love with all the christmas decor, funky art, vintage toys and such.

seriously loved this store. i think i need to work here, especially right now with all the christmas goodness! prices were also pretty reasonable. i picked up a cute "santa came to chicago" story book to add to our collection. i think it would be a fun store for birthday gifts and such!

ranking: 4.5 stars


  1. how freaking adorable is everything in that store. It reminds me of a cute little store in New Hope, PA :) Your mom and grams are adorable!!

  2. Oh my gosh! So fun! I love little shops like this too! It's so fun when all the Christmas stuff is out!!

  3. I avoid those type of shops because it's too hard to not want everything lol.

  4. have you been shopping on southport yet? around where the jewel and anthropologie are are a bunch of cute boutiques and cafes... love strolling around there! we'll have to go sometime...


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