Monday, November 19, 2012

a wisconsin style weekend

our weekend was simply perfect.

friday we dressed up and headed to wisconsin. i'd never been to needless to say i was excited. we were invited to go hear elder nelson speak to a group of medical students up there. it was a great opportunity to hear from a hero in the medicine world as well as a hero in the mornon world. it was also nice to be around more lds students than we're used to.

dan and nicole let us carpool with them. how grateful we are for them and all they do for us!
 after the fireside we stopped at this whole in the wall mexican place. which was actually really yummy.  then we searched for the nearest cold stone. chicago doesn't have a cold stone....i think the people are a little too good for chain restaurants in chi-town.

spence and i LOVE cold stone so we were beyond excited to find one our way home.

 here are the boys! two best friends taking a night off from studying to eat ice cream...nothing better in the world!
 we ordered a rather large one to share. as you can see we were both so excited about having cold stone for the first time in months that we might have over done it. i did try and convince spence to get the really large party bowl. you know, so we could save some for later. this is what we got instead...sad face!
i went through my closet this week and decided to do some outfit mixing. here are my two new attempts for this week. i am not going to start a fashion blog but i wanted to share the mr's comments...
1st outfit "wow...thats bright. just a lot of color". i went with it anyway
2nd outfit "whats with the belt?" haha last year i wore this sweater and spence said it made me look the belt was supposed to combat that. guess his mind change in the past year!

anyway our weekend was just great.
saturday we drove some friends to the airport and i got to practice driving on the freeway here. i need all the practice i can get for when we get our car out here (hopefully in the next month). then i got to hang out with nicole and cute baby l for the day.

i sure love our chicago friends and truly consider them family! good thing little l. is warming up to his favorite aunt sydney. i have a feeling he's going to be my little buddy for a long time!

what did you do this weekend?


  1. Boys. My husband always say silly/almost mean but not because hes my hubby comments too!! haha! :)

  2. I LOVE coldstone, they closed the one by me - so jealous!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. 1. You two are ridiculously photogenic. Always.
    2. I tried on that coat at North Face and loved it! Very good choice:) You wear it well
    3. Jealous you got to hear Elder Nelson, he's a genius in so many ways
    4. I'm now craving cold stone
    5. Sure miss you!

  4. This sounds like so much fun! We love cold stone too, it is so good! And i am really liking the outfits you came up with!


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