Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the mrs. turned 24

i had a great birthday.
i may have cried the night before because i was for sure it would be a horrible birthday (all alone and the mr. had to study) but...my cute mr. really made the day great.

first he woke up and got the place all decorated! how cute is he!

then he made me breakfast....
side note: i hate big breakfasts first thing in the morning. hence the cereal and muffin!
spence even pulled out the candles for breakfast. i completely forgot we had them! after breakfast we went to the cutest bakery to pick out my birthday cake. i think this is going to be a new tradition of ours!
seriously...can this place get any cuter?

we walked around this cute little neighborhood for a bit and then headed home. i took a nap and the mr. studied. perfect afternoon activity for a birthday!

after that we got dressed up and went to a play. we saw "the book thief" and let me just tell you...it was AMAZING!!! the story is beautiful but i loved how they put the book on stage and really showed us the emotions and story. such a great birthday present from the mr!

we headed to the cheese cake factory for dinner. i was feeling a lot of pressure to pick a new fun place that we both decided to just go with something i already loved.

i love us!

we have so much fun together. i guess thats what makes birthdays so great! we got home and spence went back to studying. thanks to modern technology i was able to facetime with a bunch of people from my family. this little bug kept smiling at me...who can't just love that face?
thanks to my mr. i had a great birthday. i was sad to wake up on sunday and have it all be over. so know i'm all old and stuff. what do 24 yr olds act like? guess i better figure that out asap.


  1. This is adorable. I hope you had a stellar birthday--because it sure looks like it. And did he SERIOUSLY make that garland? That is true love right there! Happy Birthday beautiful!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  2. This is so adorable! Did he make that banner? I am impressed! Happy birthday! :)

  3. you're blog is lovely. (& happy, happy birthday!)

  4. I love this! happy birthday girl! it looks like you had a superb one:) you have one awesome husband


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