Friday, November 2, 2012

i love november

it's safe to say that this is my favorite month

-full of birthdays (including mine and my momma's)
-my favorite holiday...thanksgiving
-get to wear my cute sweaters
-favorite colors are all around (orange and red)
-cozy nights at home
-first hot coco of the season
-time for family

seriously. this month is my favorite. i have big hopes for november 2012.
to celebrate the beginning of my favorite month the mr. and i had a night out last night. we went coat shopping (thanks northface for keeping us warm for our first chicago winter), checked out some possible christmas decorations, at dinner at one of our new fun places, and walked hand in hand in the city we love.

so today...
i am grateful for a warm cozy place to live. we are so blessed to live where we live.

what are you grateful for today?


  1. Yay for Birthday months. November Birthdays are the best huh?! :)

  2. November sounds great for me too.
    and happy birthday month!!!!

  3. just found your blog and it is truly so cute! i'm lovin' it. and hey! i love november, too!

    100th follower!

    ♥, sarah
    the life of a redhead

  4. I'm grateful for...the chance to vote; chilly days and a warm flat; and beautiful fall leaves. All the best things. I love November, too!


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