Monday, November 5, 2012

today i am grateful for

today i am grateful for modern technology.
more specifically facetime

moving away has been hard. i think the hardest is leaving our family behind. this past week we missed two huge family events. but...thanks to facetime we weren't completely left out.

we were so excited to meet little lyla via ft. as you can see she loved hanging out with us!
oh my heck i couldn't get enough of her and how she would play with her tongue.
loved this moment we caught. hilarious. and i love's like she is thinking "yep..these are my parents".

we also missed little lainey bug's first birthday party. i tried my hardest not to be bummed out all day on saturday. my cute parents helped me to ft in so i could see miss lainey sue dig into her cake. as you can (sorta) tell she loved it! this was her face when she first saw me on facetime. i like to think she was super excited to see her favorite aunt.
thank you facetime for helping us stay close to family. even though we miss out it's great to be able to join in where we can!


  1. Yay for modern technology keeping us connected. I'm glad you're able to see your nieces.

  2. super cute so glad you could be there with us love ya

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