Friday, November 30, 2012

oh chicago

since moving to chicago we've realized a few things about this city of ours...

-chicago is a northface city. not sure but why but every true chicagoian wears north face
+so we bought northface coats

-everybody is a baseball fan. no matter what team they love their baseball
+so we became cubs fans

-when you drive in chicago you honk. sometimes for no reason
+so when we get our car i will become a honk happy person

-along with honking people in chicago "love tap" to squeeze into small parking spots
+this is something i don't love

-chicagoians aren't big ice cream fans. maybe because its too cold 
+so we have to drive 30 mins to get sad

-chicagoians are food snobs. no big chain restaurants for these folks
+so we've spent way too much on fun new trendy neighborhood places

-chase bank and walgreens are staples to live in chicago
+so we go to walgreens about 3 times a week and now bank at chase

-neighborhoods are the it thing. they all have names and they pride themselves on those names
+we live in buena park, not uptown, not lake view, not wriglyville. 
we pride ourselves of  living in buena park

-everybody smiles
+so we smile back

moving to chicago hasn't been as big of a shock as i thought it would be. but we are learning more each day.

every month that we live here i feel more like a local. love that feeling!
love chicago



  1. I just Chicago wasn't so far away. Miss you.

  2. I would love to live in a big city like this. After spending a week in New York this summer with my husband, I've begged him to move there just about every day since :)


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