Tuesday, December 4, 2012

brining in the holiday cheer // christmas in chicago

we bought the holiday cheer this weekend big time
friday night we hung out with dan and nicole and explored some uptown neighborhoods 
it was christmas time in the city
and i loved every min. of it

first stop was our favorite bakery
they had a choir caroling and were offering free goods 
i think i ate my weight in their amazing butter rolls

second stop was andersonville
which is quickly becoming my favorite part of the city
we ran in and out of stores
exploring and finding new fun ways to keep ourselves entertained
we even spotted santa!!!

dan couldn't contain his excitement about the woolly mammoth 
a dream of a store we pass every sunday on our way to church
nicole and i were too freaked out to go inside
so we hung out outside with this champ and let the boys do the exploring!
 we spent the rest of the night at....drum roll please
an ice cream shoppe
yep, we found our first legit ice cream place in chicago
it was a big night for the b. family
we LOVE us some ice cream and finding a good place for it was a big score
check out their hot coco list
man we were in heaven
 we had a great night with great friends
how fun it is to just hang out and explore some new areas
there is always something going on in this city
especially at christmas time
i couldn't be happier

saturday we spent the day cleaning
and i mean a good deep clean
that our poor little house badly needed
we finished off the day with christmas vacation
thanks dan and nicole for showing spence what he has been missing
(seriously my husband had never seen it...is that possible?)

how was your weekend?


  1. Your blog is so cute! Looks so fun being in Chicago! And who doesn't love a good ice cream shop? score!!


  2. Glad you found an ice cream shop closer than 30 minutes away. Before you know it you'll be shunning chain ice cream shops.


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