Friday, December 21, 2012

my debut at the er

well hello there.
this is me. in all my sicky glory. and about 1 hour into our 4 hour er stay.
i woke up yesterday not expecting to go to the er.
the mr. had a full day of studying (for his test this morning)
but my body didn't agree with me

by 5 pm we both knew something wasn't right.
after a call into my dr. we caught a cab and headed to the er
don't worry
i am fine now. actually feeling pretty good considering
my body still has some recovery to do but i'm alive
and still planning on traveling today

so my first er trip wasn't completely horrible
i got pretty upset towards the end though
some tears, almost took my own iv out and more tears
i was tired, sick and ready to be in my own bed

today i'm taking it easy
packing, christmas shopping, dmv run, cleaning and going to the airport
wish us luck!

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  1. So glad your feeling better. We will see you tonight


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