Monday, January 7, 2013

looking at 2012

sometimes i close my eyes and i'm there

it is one moment that i can recreate no mater how long it's been
i can feel the dessert summer sun on my skin
i can hear the noises from the city below
i can see the old city so clearly

it's like i'm back there
standing right outside the byu jeruslaem center

i sometimes wonder how is it that i can remember jerusalem so perfectly
maybe it's because experiences like that
ones that change your life
unexpected blessings
are the ones that imprint themselves on our hearts

jerusalem changed me
i wasn't expecting it
honestly i didn't even want to go
i think maybe i was scared of what greatness was waiting for me

life in jerusalem was beautiful
it was there i truly learned who i was
i grew to truly understand my relationship with my savior
i lived where he lived
and he taught me as he was taught by our father

sometimes i ache to return
to feel the sun on my skin
to walk the paths i once walked
the paths our savior once walked

i long to take my sweet husband there
to show him the sights that i grew to love
to share some of my experiences with him
to tell him how i knew life was going to be okay
how i became me

maybe it's those experiences that we aren't expecting that teach us the most

life it jerusalem wasn't perfect
i struggled being away from home
i longed for something i couldn't have
i ached for something i didn't know i was missing

so many nights i spent in tears, on my knees pleading for understanding
it was those nights
the warm night air rushing over me
that i knew
i was loved, i was his daughter, i was strong

i didn't get the answers i was expecting
but i was loved
i think it was these experiences that made jerusalem so beautiful

maybe one day i'll look back to this past year
maybe i'll long to be back
to again feel the beauty in unexpected experiences 

just like in jerusalem i grew
i spent countless times in tears on my knees pleading to my father
i also felt his love for me
i am loved, i am his daughter, i am strong

this past year was beautiful
unexpected blessings
it was the year i truly learned who i was
i grew to better understand my relationship with my savior

it will forever be an imprint on my heart

sometimes i close my eyes and i'm there


  1. I love this. Jerusalem was a miracle.

  2. Seriously your writing is amazing. Love you sis. I hope one day I can go see all those amazing things you saw and learn all of the amazing things you learned.

  3. This is a really excellent piece! You writing is fantastic! I miss you and Spenc already1.Sending lots of love your way right now! :)


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