Thursday, January 10, 2013

vision impaired

do you ever have a vision of something wonderful and they it turns out completely opposite?
that happened to me this week.

i had decided it was time to redo our bedroom.
it needed a little tlc and pick-me-up
and so did i

so i got a plan
i caved and got a white duvet cover
i have wanted one for so long
and finally decided i deserved it

but i didn't want a completely white room
and i loved the idea of some great punches of color

so i spent some time online and find just what i was looking for
after some much needed online retail therapy i had my "color punches" on their way

they showed up today
it was the perfect day for some bright color

turns out they were awful

i'm talking complete disappointment
nothing like i had envisioned

i sat there looking at my bed redo
completely disappointed in my choices
slight heartbroken by the depressing state of my bed

it wasn't the bright happy come relax here feel
more like the "i'm staying in a crappy beach side hotel with muted colors"

so looks like i'm back to the drawing board
maybe with some luck i'll get my bedroom redo

and then maybe i'll post pictures of my room and not just my dreams!
oh well!

i was going for something like these rooms.....yeah not what i got. 
hopefully i'll get there one day! 


  1. hahaha. I am the same exact way. In every aspect. If I vision how absolutely perfect a night is going to go, it WON't happen. This is my favorite quote right now:

    "Accept everything. Expect nothing."
    Says a lot for me!

    I'm sure your bedroom turned out just super cute. There's something about the DIFFERENCE it makes when you see it in a magazine. haha. You're cute. And can't wait to see photos when the room IS done. Because it'll happen. :)

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  2. I love the white duvet look I have it and it isn't everything I dreamed of but it's pretty close!


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