Thursday, January 24, 2013

field museum day

tuesday i played hooky from work for a bit
don't worry i made up the time HUGE benefit of working from home

nicole and i decided to head to the field museum.  all the museum's in chicago offer free days for il residents. good thing i'm now a resident. one perk of big city living...always something fun to do

good thing we choose the coldest day of the year (actually coldest day in the past few years)
it seemed everybody else was staying indoors. it was so nice not worrying about all the people

this little dude was my buddy all day. 
isn't he the cutest thing around!

i'm not sure what it was about this book but i feel in love. i told the mr. we have to buy one when we have kids.
 i love how in this picture neither of us is looking at the camera. haha gotta love self portraits!
no words needed! pure awesomeness

oh and afterwords we went to the beach!

oh wait...we live in chicago. we don't have things like this here! even though it was fake, the field museum beach area made me feel warmer. oh gosh how badly i want to live in cali!
the museum itself was beautiful. it was such a fun building. i loved just walking around this big place.
gotta love "sue". she was HUGE. i know i'm small but seriously...i look tiny. i can't imagine one of these walking around.

seriously had a blast going back millions of years in history. i am a big museum fan but hate spending the money. i think free museum days are going to be my new best friend! 


  1. The two best museums I've ever been to: The EMP in Seattle (so much fun!) and the big one in San Francisco that costs $30. That one has an aquarium, a planetarium, a rainforest and science stuff! Oh the Natural History one in New York is pretty cool too! I could spend all day there.

  2. I was trying to decide what museum we should visit with my family this weekend... you've convinced me it will definitely be the Field museum! Also, in reference to your other post: I'm a nail biter too and also don't bite if I keep my nails painted. BUTTTT like jocelyn- no time to manicure them anymore means I've returned to biting. Ahhh well. Good luck!!

  3. Thanks for posting these pictures! I had such a great time at the museum with you. Thanks for setting it up and everything. I love the picture of us in our dinosaur masks. I just laughed out loud! So fun!


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