Friday, January 25, 2013

love hate today

so i saw this on another blog and loved the idea....decided to try it out. 
i love stealing blog post ideas. others are so creative.

five little things i love currently:
1. new white and beautiful bedding. i never want to get out of bed
2. our office phones are down today. uninterrupted working time
3. a new navy necklace that is gracing my jewelry holder
4. surprise dates planned for the mr. 
5. winter pears. oh can i just say yum...

five little things i hate currently:
1. my new habit of falling asleep late and not being able to wake up
2. the snow that has found it's way to my doorstep
3. the fact that it's so cold our front door won't work
4. medical bills. and i thought i had good insurance...thats a joke
5. unfinished craft projects. one of these days i'll finish day

your turn:
i would love to hear your love/hate list today!


  1. Hey check out my Love Hate Today.

    Thanks for the fun idea.

  2. Love:
    1. Spending time with friends
    2. Delicious food
    3. Sunday relaxation
    4. making plans
    5. my warm apartment

    1. not knowing how my plans will turn out
    2. the thought of waking up and doing homework in the morning
    3. the fact that it is still winter. haha
    4. the test I have to take tomorrow
    5. I can't think of another one.


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