Thursday, January 17, 2013

i blame pinterest

is it bad if sometimes all i want for dinner is dessert?
and maybe when i say sometimes i really mean all the times?

i don't even have the excuse of being pregnant. i just love sugar that much
my poor husband...

i think he might throw a fit if he has to see me eat crepes one more night
or ask for cupcakes
or eat less dinner so i can eat more chocolate later

one day....if i'm ever queen (or ruler of the free world...both work)
i am going to make dessert required for dinner at least once a week

that seems fair
don't you think?

maybe my problem started with pinterest......

....yes. i blame pinterest!


  1. yeah I've always been that...then i got pregnant and it was 10 times worse. good luck to you when you get pregnant! haha

  2. I'd much rather eat less food so I can have more dessert.

  3. i love to eat, but i don't like cooking. there are times when i really want to learn to bake. but i just never make the effort. haha


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