Friday, January 18, 2013

my mom

last week was one of those weeks where i just needed my mom
i called her on monday
i wanted her to come out to chicago
but i just couldn't ask that of her.
she offered, without having to be asked

the next day she was in chicago
just like that
words cannot completely describe what that meant to me

as soon as she walked into our apartment she started cleaning
she deep cleaned our whole house (it so badly needed it)
she put away our christmas decorations
helped me get the house back together
she stocked our fridge after being empty for far too long
she took me shopping for fun new things
she got us ready for a fresh new start of the year....just what we needed

she held me
she painted my nails
she gave me foot rubs
she played with my hair
she cried with me
she gave me the support i needed
she gave me the support only moms can

it made home feel not so far away
my mom is truly the most beautiful person i know

thank you for last week
i couldn't have done it without you
you are my best friend and the support that i needed most
you made last week so much easier for spence and i
we both needed you
we are both so grateful for you coming to chicago
thank you for being there for me
for crying with me
for watching countless hours of downton abbey
it was what this little girl needed
one day i want to be a mom just like you
thank you
your little girl


  1. You will be a mommy soon! I love you more than most ; )

  2. Syd! Love you girl! That is wonderful that your Mama came to visit! If you ever need anything, call me. Love you! You are such an amazing friend. I'm really glad we could talk on the phone the other day. It made my heart happy!

    Love you!

    Katie Sharrah

  3. This made me tear up! There are just some things that moms can only do!

  4. Holy cow. What an amazing mother you have!!


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