Monday, January 21, 2013

our weekend

our weekend was just perfect.
the mr. has been studying like crazy
he has yet another test next week (boo tests boo)
so friday he hit the books 
finally around 8 pm i coaxed him out of the study for a date night

we set up our air mattress 
turned off all the lights
lit some candles
and had ourselves a little "camp in"
i so wish i had taken pictures

my favorite part was roasting s'mores over our stove
just us two, sitting in the kitchen
eating our weight in chocolate
telling stories about when we were little

we feel asleep watching a movie
it was perfect

saturday the mr. hit the books again
i went to lunch with some girl friends (again wish i took pictures)
and then headed home to clean

this past week i have been trying really hard to keep our place clean
this is a new one for the mrs.
and let me just tell you it has been amazing

we then went out to a little med-school comedy show
it was fun (not great but good type of thing) but we honestly had more fun hanging out with dan and nicole.
so glad they are in this med school journey with us! 

and then i took some random pictures on my phone....

i think this week i'll work harder to take good pictures
on a real camera
with us doing real stuff....haha


 i have consumed more water this past month than i think i have in my entire life. i guess i just needed a free purple northwestern cup with a straw. dang wish i would have learned that trick years ago.

 discovered these beauties at the grocery store on friday. i knew it was only a mater of time before another company made the hostess look a-likes. now maybe i'll get the guts to try them out. i'm still heart broken about my ding dongs....
 me and my teddy. momma barfuss sent us this cuddly guy last week. yes i'm 24 and yes i still sleep with a teddy bear. spence's arm just isn't as soft. funny how you can see my little bear on our bed. thanks momma barfuss for mo (and yes we named him).

 a while ago momma heaton sent us this miracle in a bottle. this is something my mom has used in her cooking my whole life. for some reason i never discovered this goodness. so, after getting frustrated my food doesn't taste as good as hers she sent me this. this week we've been eating good!

our family room has looked like this every night this week. my new years resolution to keep our place clean is really working well (so far). check out kyle our space heater (yes i named him as well, but that was back during freshman year) we can't seem to keep warm so kyle follows us wherever we go!

oh happy weekend how we already miss you already!


  1. I have that same space heater and named him kip!

  2. Love your living room! What a fun weekend. Those kinds are the best :)

  3. you two are so cute! love that you made stove s'mores..those are the best kinds of date nights in!
    darling blog, now following! xo

  4. I am so impressed with the clean family room. That is one hard thing to do. Also I love the little valentines decor you have going on, on the wall! :)

    And! Cutest date night ever! love the idea!

  5. I remember Kyle!!! Syd you are so cute, I love how you've decorated your apartment and made it so homey.


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