Saturday, February 9, 2013

arrow of love // homemade valentines

i'm home (utah baby) for a few days for work.
lucky for me that means a few days with my family.

that usually means i get a list of "daughter do's" from my mom...which i don't mind
on the list this weekend were some simple valentines for her relief society sisters
she decided against ones with "to and from" because that = too much writing
so we took her idea and made it into something that works
original idea here

i loved how they turned out. so simple and yet so fun
we made little "with love..." stickers to go on the back
but you could just hand write "to and from" or what ever little message you like

we were able to get 6 per page which was nice considering we were making 150+
i did a nice little gray boarder so we knew right where to cut.
turns out pretty cute i think!

i love the vintage valentine arrow feel
want to make some? i've included the pdf below

link to template here
(don't worry, once you actually download the pdf they look a lot better than in the scribd viewer)

-simply print on card stock
-cut inside the gray lines
-add heart shaped candy or chocolate with double-stick tape
-sign your name
-hand out valentines!

now i'm just sad i didn't make these in time for my little sunbeams
maybe i'll have to think of a cute st. pattys day thing...
one day!

happy valentines


  1. Those are way cute. What a task 150+.

  2. Ok, I'm seriously using these for Lawson and Raleigh's valentines! So easy and cute!


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