Tuesday, February 12, 2013

oh hey it's me

so i saw these lists going around on instagram. i hate texting and typing on my phone so thanks to those who tagged me but there was no way i was going to stress myself out with typing on instagram. so...i decided it would be fun to do it here, on my bloggy blog.

1. i have never had a bloody nose. when i would get hit in the face i would think "this is it, my first bloody nose" but nope. nothing. still feel a bit left out.

2. it is physically impossible for me to cross both my eyes. when i try just one goes in. it's actually pretty freaky looking. i used to scare my brothers with this talent. just ask me if you want to see it in person ;-)

3. i still think i would be 100% perfect to play a disney channel character. i look like i'm 18 and act that way sometimes. once a disney recruiter contacted me....two days before i left for jerusalem. maybe i could have been a star. looks like i choose the holy land instead. good choice me

4. i hate scary movies. but, i love scary stories. sometimes we'll watch a scary movie and i can't finish it. i go out of the room and make spence finish it. after it's over i make him tell me the whole story line with as much detail as possible. call me crazy but i guess when i imagine scary things they aren't as scary as movie people make them.

5. i graduated with a degree in political science. work for a health intelligence company. am a corporate event planner. and now want to go back to school. turns out i am just figuring out what i want to do with my life at the age of 24. and i thought changing from math to political science was bad. turns out not everyone knows what their life's direction is at 21.


  1. A new adventure? I want to know more about that last one.

  2. You are so adorable! Love your post!! Let's get together...SOON! And is that picture in Anthropologie by chance?


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