Wednesday, February 13, 2013

every day is like valentines day....

wait what...valentines day is tomorrow? maybe i had an event that look over the last couple of weeks of my life. oh the joys of being an event planner. i'm finally on my way home and finally taking a few mins to think about valentines day.

i've always been a huge fan of valentines day. even when i wasn't dating someone. there is something about love, pink and happiness that just gets to me. let's be honest though...valentines with my mr. has been so much better.

our first valentines day we spent it in st. george with my family. it was by far the best day. it was the day we decided to get married. i will forever remember that night, sitting side by side on top of dixie rock looking at the temple. both of us deciding that forever together was what we wanted and what was right.

it's hard to beat a valentines day like that. our others have been great but i'm excited to make this one even greater. so here i am, sitting on a plane, trying to figure out a present for my mr. here are a few things i'm thinking...

1. watch. spence loves watches. but some are so expense. i found this great site with awesome watches for a great price. take a look here. seriously, regal rising may be our new favorite go to for spence's watch obsession. i'm thinking one of these would be great for my mr. now it's just deciding what one. they are even doing 10% off right now...score!

2. new pants. okay so this one isn't super exciting or romantic (at all) but he is in need of new clothes. isn't valentines a good excuse for a shopping trip? not sure if i can swing him on this one.

3. memory book. now i love this idea. so many cute blogs out there have suggestions. i do love the classic 52 reasons i love you from a deck of cards. this might be the best for us budget conscious med students but i've already done things like this for the mr.

4. new shoes. the mr. and i both love shoes. something about a new pair of shoes is so exciting. i'm thinking it's about time i got spence wearing some sperrys. he would look so great in them. now it's just talking him into a pair. the classic pair here would be a good starting point i think.

5. a pampering kit. so this may sound funny but who doesn't like to be pampered. i'm talking manly..don't worry. some nice smelling manly shampoo, lotion and cologne. we always go cheap on these things for spence because mine cost so much. i think this would be a fun idea. maybe i'll do this!

so looks like i have just a few more hours to decide what to get...ahh! so many choices.

i think we'll spend tomorrow night at home, making dinner together and just enjoying being in love! how great it is to be married to the love of my life. every day is almost like valentines day (expect for all the pink!)

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