Friday, February 1, 2013

date night date night // so excited

so the mr. had a test on monday
meaning....our past couple of weeks have been LAME
studying took over his life

so this week i changed that. i planned activities for us for every night. i didn't realize i had planned so much. it just kinda happened.

monday- relax at home and first day of insanity
tuesday - anniversary celebration (more on this later)
wednesday - plans got changed so we could help a sister in our ward but thats okay!
thursday - art institute and dinner 
friday - temple date night
saturday - med school activity (holla)

last night we bundled up (because oh my gosh is it freezing here at night) and headed down to the art institute of chicago. it was free night as well as late night. who doesn't love free date nights?

we didn't have too much time but we had a blast walking around. we found ourselves really loving the impressionist area as well as the architecture and design wing. i could have stayed there much longer. there was this lady giving a tour and turns out she is a big name architect and designer. we jumped on the last leg of her tour. so awesome! 

my favorite piece. i wanted to take it home. spence did not understand why i liked it. haha i guess we do disagree on some things.

 free candy as an art piece? i'll take it!

after the ai we headed to ed debevics for a free dinner (thank you groupon again for your free meals). it was a bit of a walk and a bit of an experience to say the least.

our waiter made fun of me a few times. danced on the tables and accused our neighbors of stealing. hilarious to say the least.

someone's too cool for school...sheesh!

we had a great night. i loved being able to just wander around the museum hand in hand with my husband. we loved looking at all the displays and art and even more excited when we realized we didn't have to rush...we can go back as much as we want. love being a "resident" and getting all the free perks.

it was nice to be downtown. see all the cool buildings at night and really take advantage of the city we're living it. it was a nice treat for me to get out of the house a bit.

love our date nights! so glad spence has had a lighter med school.


  1. Date nights are seriously the best!! You two are so cute. I love that you planned all that. Such a cute lil' wifey. Happy Anniversary, too, cuties!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  2. i can tell you why you loved that piece. it is ORANGE.


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