Monday, February 4, 2013

oh i love

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oh how i love love
makes sense why i would love the month of february
a whole month dedicated to love and acknowledging what we love

i love the color orange, the creamy shade
i love decorating (i may redecorate every home i walk into in my head)
i love treats, scotcharoos are my personal favorite right about now
i love the beach
i love laughing so hard my stomach hurts
i love dancing in the kitchen
i love making playlists in itunes, i think i've made one for every season since 2005
i love new note books
i love watches, i've had one on everyday since 2007
i love getting attached to tv shows, so much so i cry when my favorite characters cry
i love targets dollar section
i love cuddling in bed before getting up for the day
i love working from home and watching the season change from my window
i love light
i love closing my eyes and day dreaming

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