Friday, March 22, 2013

a chicago state of mind

{picture via yellowbrickprints}

lately i've been having a major love affair with this city we call home. maybe its the fact that the sun has decided to join us or the idea of spring break coming up so i'll have more time with my mr.  either way it's got me in a "chicago" state of mind. i want to explore all the great neighborhoods, see all the fun sights, and eat all the awesome food. though, we are in no way foodies. i hate to say it but we're not. maybe we should work on this?

anyway, we've been here for 8 months already but i feel like we haven't seen anything. ahh there is just so much to do. so tonight we're going to go out. date night. on the town. just my mr and i. to celebrate the beginning of spring break. and to fall more in love with our city. 

i have a few ideas up my sleeves. too bad it's still chilly here or else we'd be outside all night. i'm thinking dinner at a new place off of our "to eats" list and some exploring, maybe a art gallery or window shopping. 

anybody ever been to chicago before? if so tell me your favorite things to do, see, or eat. we need advice bad. we may call it home but we're still very much learning. working and med school haven't left us with much exploring time. now that things are warming up...that is going to change. 

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