Monday, March 25, 2013

a little weekend recap

this weekend was the start of the mr.'s first ever spring break. (yep byu didn't believe in spring break). sadly i think this is his last. dang northwestern for not really believing in spring break either. 

either way we were excited to celebrate. friday we went out and tried another deep dish place. since chicago is known for their deep dish we figured it was best we could compare them all and give our favorite. friday was lou malnait's night.

first off....i LOVED the location and the restaurant. such a fun vibe and atmosphere. it was loud but we were in the back and weren't bothered by the noise level. also, our wait was only like 15 mins which for a friday night was awesome.  

personally i think lou malnait's is my new favorite deep dish. i am a big crust girl and their butter crust won me over. spence on the other hand liked it but still put giordano's in first. i think we are up to 5 places now so if that tells you anything. 

of course we had to try the deep dish dessert. pazookie as we like to call them (maybe that's a utah thing???). anyway, it was fantastic. i think i would go back two times a week just for that.  don't mind my awkward pulled up'd hair. it was just one of those fridays. let's just say i was ready for a weekend.

saturday was a little more exciting. after running around all day we had the missionaries over for dinner with our sweet friend gina. i'll tell more of that story later. it turns out this here mrs. left the gas on on the stove for about 1 hour. whoops! our neighbors noticed the smell and got worried. they called the fire department. love our chicago's finest. a few good things came out of this.... 1. we now know the fire dept. can make it to our place in about 1 min (awesome). 2. we met some of our neighbors that we didn't already know. so excited about this one. 3. the fire dept blamed the upstairs neighbors on the gas smell so we're still liked in our building. 4. the fire dept noticed that our street sign was pretty much impossible to read (meaning no one can find our place) and informed the city. now we have a nice new shiny sign. 

success....i would say so! 

sunday was a nice restful day. we dressed up in spring clothes because we are fighting the chicago weather. maybe if we pretend it's warm it will warm up....ha. church was wonderful as usual. we're now meeting in a school which is interesting (more on this later as well) but provides much entertainment. 

after church we rested and ended the night with dinner and great friends. i love our little chicago life. it may not be the exciting big city life that one would expect but it's ours and it's simply wonderful. i couldn't help but smile as i went to bed last night. we have a great place to live, fun places to explore and amazing friends who i didn't want to leave because we were having so much fun just chatting. 

 all in all a very successful weekend. now off to our official spring break....detroit here we come!


  1. Ooh, can't wait to eat some deep dish when I come out to see you guys! Seriously counting down the days already. :)

  2. 2 things...
    1. have you tried gino's east yet? we used to order it online and they'd send it to us in utah packed in dry ice. even over how many every miles in dry ice then baking it it's still my favorite pizza.
    2. i used to refuse to wear close toed shoes starting march 1st to protest winter. i unintentionally did that this year and ended up walking home in the snow in sandals.


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