Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a little piece of utah in chicago // weekend update

friday night the mr. and i had ourselves a little date night to the jazz game.
yep....you heard me. the jazz game

we have been so excited to see our jazz play the bulls. the mr. has sure missed watching his jazz play so we were even more excited to go in person.

at first i was a little nervous about wearing my jazz jersey. when we got on the bus i heard "oh man, a jazz fan...i can see the jersey". haha i thought we were in for it. i even kept my coat zipped up all the way when i went to the restroom (seriously?)

it actually wasn't that bad being jazz fans. when we got to our seats (which were amazing by the way, thanks mom and dad b.) we were treated just fine by all the bulls fans around us. i would even say they were really nice in saying they were impressed with our team. maybe they said that just because they barely won.

anyway. we had ourselves a great night out. we took a bus half way home which was more like a free taxi  because it was just us on the bus and the driver went straight to our stop and then we were stopped by a friend before we got on the el for a ride the rest of the way. how crazy is that!

going to the jazz game made utah feel a little closer. even though we can't be in utah a bit of utah can come to us!

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  1. How fun! I went to a Jazz vs Lakers game in LA in December. I was the only Jazz fan in my group, it was scary but I wore my jersey proud. It always makes it better when they win. I'm glad you two were able to get out to a game.


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