Wednesday, March 13, 2013

play tourist // weekend update part 2

so we live in a very big, very beautiful and very touristy city. we've been here for about 9 months now and i feel like we haven't seen anything (i know thats not true but there is a LOT to see). 

so we decided we are going to do small weekly touristy things in this here city of ours. first stop was the chicago tribune building. we had seen this before but wanted to go and really explore. and of course i made spence take some pictures so we acted even more like tourists. 

we had a blast walking around the building and checking out all the places they had pieces from. of course we loved the piece from the slc temple. love little bits of home in chicago. it was so nice to just have some time, the two of us, and simply explore, walk and chat! 

 as you can see spence was super duper excited to take pictures! ha sorry hun...not sorry!

 loved this one from david's tower in jerusalem. brought back great memories from jeru
 and a course my name sake (well not really but i can pretend). love seeing my name on things!
we were just talking about how they dye the chicago river green for st. patties day when we walked past and spence said "man it already looks green". oh gross it does! so we of course had to take a picture.

it was so fun just exploring the mr. and i. we have big plans for this week! we'll see how it goes.

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  1. that looks so fun!!!
    i love playing tourist too in my own city. sometimes i even pretend i cannot speak my own language just to see how people deal with it. haha


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