Friday, April 19, 2013

and it rained

it was raining when we went to bed. the sound of the rain softly hitting our window put us quickly to sleep. soon after the rain got worse. in the early morning hours the rain pounded our window. as if it were demanding to get in. lightning lit up our bedroom and thunder rumbled our little home. i woke up. my heart pounding. 

a clear memory of my childhood came to my mind. hearing the loud thunder i ran upstairs to my parents bed. i slowly climbed into bed with my mom and dad. they held me while the storm passed. the thunder and lightning were no longer monsters pounding on my window. for that moment i wanted to go run into my parents room. pretend i was 6 again. crawl into their arms and know that nothing in this world would hurt me. 

but instead i turned to my sweet sleeping husband. cuddled up as close to him as i could get. he put his arms around me. and i knew. nothing will ever hurt me. i am safe. in his arms. 

i said a silent prayer and thanked my heavenly father for this sweet man that holds my heart. i closed my eyes and fell back asleep listening to the pouring rain outside our window. 


  1. When I was younger my mom used to tell me lighting was God taking SMILE. It really helped me not feel fearful. Yay for comfort during storms.

  2. i'm wasn't afraid of the thunder, but when i was a kid, my siblings and i did the same thing as you did :)

    we got our first real rain yesterday morning here in Bali.
    after a long sunshine, hot and bright days, it's nice to have some rain. i love rain.

  3. You've got a talent for writing!


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